Trip Advisor Listing Optimization

With 455 million monthly visitors and 600 million reviews and opinions, Trip Advisor has become the world’s largest travel community and the world’s largest restaurant site. Given these figures, it’s clear that most people base their travel and booking decisions on the ratings and reviews online. From travelers looking for hotels, restaurants and pubs to potential diners, Trip Advisor serves as the go-to platform for many and rightly so! It’s also become one of the most trusted mediums of information on restaurants, hotels, flights, restaurants, rental homes for holidays and places to visit or things to do in a particular region.

Why Does Your Business Need to List Itself on Trip Advisor?
More than any other business in the marketplace, the hospitality industry thrives on online reputation and public reviews, comments and opinions. If you too belong to the same industry, your business listing on Trip Advisor will help your brand become more visible online, increasing your credibility and chances at direct customer engagement.

How can optimizing your business listing on Trip Advisor help your Business?
Staying ahead of your competition while connecting with travelers, diners and other potential customers is something any business would hope to achieve. Optimizing your listing on Trip Advisor helps you have the competitive edge over others in the industry and a chance at being more appealing to your potential customers and existing ones. You need to be found online with accurate details about your business, updated local data, pictures of your company and a search-engine optimized content on all your captions and descriptions about your business, products and services.

Optimizing your business listing on Trip Advisor means –

Double-checking all the business inputs – Once you’ve registered your business, confirming all your personal and local details, website links, contact details, business address and emails is advisable. This also entails checking if your business is appearing on the Trip Advisor app.

Adding a detailed description of your business – This includes information on the area where you are located, your opening hours, in-house events, brand specialties, seasonal activities, whether it’s an apt place for children and different groups and communities. A consistent, fresh and detailed account guarantees more visitor traffic. For restaurants, optimizing your listing would mean adding a link to your menus. You can update and manage your menus easily on the TripAdvisor site or app.

Uploading pictures and videos that speak volumes on your company offerings – Pictures say a thousand words. TripAdvisor reveals that travelers are 41% more likely to engage with businesses if they have about 20-30 photos. These must be authentic and high-resolution pictures of your signature dishes, lip-smacking delicacies and other bestselling dishes in your restaurant; pictures reflecting the ambience; an impressionable primary picture to enhance the visual appeal of your page or the kind of rooms, lobby, amenities and services you offer as a hotel owner. Update these photos and videos from time to time so your listing stays relevant and attracts different set of customers over the time.

For example, if your restaurant has come up with a new dish, you need to post its pictures on your Trip Advisor listing so people would know that every time you have a new dish in your menu, they can see the pictures online and decide for themselves. Update your primary photo too each time you remodel or refurbish your business space.

Increasing its visibility on search engines – When your TripAdvisor content is rich with relevant keywords, the ratings, reviews, pictures and information gets easily discoverable on search engine listings.

Getting your business listing on the Map – Visitors can locate your restaurant or hotel better if it is visible on the map. Get your business listed on the map and let more and more potential customers plan their trip to your service area. In case the map shows a wrong direction, you can correct it on the Management Center of Trip Advisor.

Letting more customers give honest reviews – Reviews, opinions and comments help potential customers analyze, assess and understand your business better. The more the numbers and the better your ratings and recent your reviews are, the better it is for your business as people find it transparent, trustworthy and encouraging.

Adding links to booking your services on your business listing – Now travelers can make bookings for your hotel or restaurant directly on your Trip Advisor listing as the site has partnered with leading industry experts such as Expedia, and Open Table, among others. In case you own a restaurant business, TripAdvisor lets your diners make reservations directly on your business profile page on the site. However, this facility is currently available only in the US.

Responding to reviews – For a better customer engagement and a promising online reputation, Trip Advisor recommends business owners to respond and manage customer reviews. As the site notes, you must “let customers know you value their opinions by sharing thoughtful responses to feedback.” When people see you responding to reviews, they know that you care about what your customers think of your company, are credible and responsible for your business, thus strengthening their trust in your brand. Even if it’s a negative review, when people see you responding on how you plan to resolve their issues, they feel better about your business and may even turn around the next time. If in case the review doesn’t follow the basic guidelines of TripAdvisor, you have the right to flag them. This will increase your average rating. Potential customers read these reviews with a holistic approach and make an impression on your brand.

Helping your customers identify that you are listed on TripAdvisor: A simple TripAdvisor widget on your website helps your customers become aware of your listing on the site. Your customers can choose to read reviews by other customers and also write some fresh ones, right on the widget itself. They can also look at your company pictures, videos and descriptions on the widget. More so, with targeted TripAdvisor ads, restaurant owners have an added benefit of generating more traffic to their TripAdvisor listings.

Getting TripAdvisor stickers to let your customers know that you are listed on the site: Just like a car sticker tells others about the car brand you’re using and sometimes even the name of your housing society, the TripAdvisor sticker lets customers know that they can access you on the site and their reviews are valued. The best part is though, that your stickers can be modified if you happen to win a Certificate of Excellence for your restaurant or a Traveler’s Choice Award for your hotel business. You can also leverage TripAdvisor’s press release template or its widgets to make people know of your awards and accomplishments.

Enlisting your restaurant on the TripAdvisor premium: When you choose to upgrade to the TripAdvisor premium service as a restaurateur, you are privy to powerful features such as Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here, Favorite Review and more.

Socializing your TripAdvisor profile page: Through presence on TripAdvisor apps and integrating links of your listing on your brand’s social media channels and website blogs — you will be able to increase your visibility and online presence substantially.
Optimizing your listing thus needs an actionable management strategy to help your business grab eyeballs, garner fresh and positive reviews, respond to negative reviews and continuously update your business information. Our team of expert professionals caters to how you can improve your brand positioning on TripAdvisor, so your listing is apt in every way, with more reviews and higher ratings coming in consistently. We also track your online traffic, let your business have a healthy system of review and response, focus on keeping your business relevant with updated information and pictures so your customers believe in your transparency and accountability, as well as help build a positive reputation for your brand on the web.