Social Media Marketing For Local Business

The advent of social media has changed the face of communication and slowly but firmly helping businesses grow as well. And how! From Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn, the charm of social media is in that it not only connects you with your friends, family and acquaintances, but also lets you engage with your prospects and existing local customers; talk about your products and services and interact with them about their preferences, opinions and how investing in your business can be beneficial for them.

While social media is making its continuous mark not only through impactful and cost-effective customer engagement but also through advertising, you will need a strategy for each social media platform that you use to connect with your customers. Also, this strategy will have to be customized to meet the needs of your target audience. Understanding the demographics of your audience, determining the buyer persona and surveying the customer to gauge their needs and preferences better can help you strategize your social media posts on your business channel.

Strategy-making is required only so that your posts don’t sound like a sales pitch to your valued customers. Rather, each of your social media campaigns and posts should create some meaning or add value for the customer – they can be fun facts, benefits of some of your products and services or contests where the customers can win gifts, discounts and offers. Such social media campaigns help build trust and credibility for your business, not to mention they also aid in your website traffic and performance, brand positioning and lead generation, ultimately increasing your business ROI.

How Our Expert Services Can Help You

  • Our team of professionals creates apt buyer personas by determining and profiling your target audience. This includes understanding their likes, dislikes, habits, needs, professional expertise, hobbies and interests.
  • We design content for different social media platforms and have the expertise to understand the nuances of each of these platforms – the kind of content that would work for each medium. This content can be in the form of graphics, memes, text, animation, GIFs, videos and more – something that resonates and connects with the target audience.
  • We plan the right social media ads for your business to enhance your brand visibility and create communities on social, improving chances at networking with customers near your service area.
  • With the right backing of experts, get promising outcomes while saving time on planning, strategizing and executing social media strategies
  • Lets you be abreast with the latest digital and social media marketing trends for the various platforms
  • Gauging what your business hopes to achieve by targeting different types of customers on various social media channels is important. We help you do exactly that!
  • We help increase your conversion rates by enhancing customer engagement online
  • Our social media campaigns are designed to drive value and better sales with existing customer base

When you make social media campaigns a huge part of your business development and customer relationship management, you increase your brand recall value – one that can be calculated in real time. However, social media marketing without the right strategy will not have the desired outcome and certainly not guarantee a long-term valuable customer relationship. Through our surveys, profiling and research, we get to know your customers better; create exclusive social media campaigns that tell them your brand story, your company’s USP and meet them exactly where they are online.

Facebook records over two billion monthly active users while Twitter is popular among 365 million people worldwide. With this huge engagement on social media channels – the influence and popularity of social media platforms growing each day, it has become crucial for any business to have a strong local and global social media presence to stay relevant and influential. The best part is that marketing on social media has created a revolution that is not going anywhere for a long time. In fact, social media marketing has come to define the norms of business growth and development, and even change the usual industry techniques. Then why not leverage what each social media platform has to offer and connect with customers locally as well as across the globe? Let our team of professionals take charge of creating and maintaining your social media brand so you can create a buzz on the web, while meeting your business objectives.