Local Business Website survey

Local businesses are still warming up to the idea of using websites as the face of their businesses. The myriad opportunities on web call for upping one’s ante, if they wish to thrive in the industry and receive increased traffic to their company. Websites can help local businesses create an online presence, build their brand’s identity (both online and offline) and generate revenue, not to forget the promise of better engagement with customers and other businesses. The onslaught of chatbots (a primary mode of engagement on websites) coupled with the power of your website in determining the SEO business rankings is just a few of the vital reasons a fully functional website is required if you still don’t use one.

A 2016 survey of 400 small businesses shows that only 56 percent have an official business website, where an even lesser number of businesses are mobile-optimized. Many of these businesses rely on social media, directories, and other third-party sites to represent their companies but, these cannot be the alternatives to having a company website as the official ‘landing page’ for any potential customer.
Websites are the go-to platform when it comes to tracking the viewership and the type of customers who are visiting the site. They are also the means to attract and retain new customers. You can easily track the number of times a customer visits your site, what services and features they prefer using, what products they are specifically interested in and also interact with them frequently on their needs and lookouts.
Google Maps and SEO rankings are better enabled when there is a domain authority, a functioning site with good clicks and visits and an accessible URL. When your website mentions the company address and customers are directed to the location details on your site through Google Maps and your Google My Business, your business suddenly becomes way more authentic, authoritative and credible.
Maintaining a website that provides quality content relevant to the customers where social media channels and third-party sites can link to, is a task that always needs a fresh, unbiased perspective. A complete survey of a company website can help figure out the positive and the negative aspect about your business, so that Google Maps, Google My Business, and SEO rankings can be leveraged fully for optimum results.
This is where we come in. Our team of trained professionals first determines how Google-friendly your website is, drafts reports and also churns out a list of recommendations based on our findings. A professional assessment of your website in tune with the industry trends, Google guidelines, and latest Google updates can help you improve your site rankings on the search engine platform.
Gear up for your best move via regular and systematic website surveys and build a unique digital identity for your brand!