Online reviews are an increasingly crucial part of any company’s success. Whether selling products or providing a service, it’s all about keeping your customers happy. Satisfied customers attract more customers and this encourages both customer loyalty and attracts more new customers. If you’re not yet convinced that you need to encourage online reviews, here are some interesting statistics:
• 92% of customers read online reviews
• 40% of customers develop an opinion after reading 1 – 3 reviews
• 94% of customers will use companies with a 4-star rating
• Only 12% of customers read more than 10 reviews
• 23% of customers will visit a business immediately after reading positive reviews
• 68% of customers say that positive reviews encourage them to trust local businesses more
• 86% of customers hesitate to do business with a company that has negative reviews
• 2 of the most effective platforms for online reviews are Google and TripAdvisor
One important rule to remember when it comes to online reviews is to ask. Customers are far more likely to leave a review if you ask them. Of course, making contact with each and every one of your clients can be incredibly time-consuming. Rather than letting such an opportunity go to waste, you can put our expert services to good use.
We make use of email correspondence to breach the gap between customer and business. We follow up with each and every customer in order to provide them with the appropriate links to your business pages on top review websites. By doing so, we help keep all of your reviews in just a handful of places. This makes them that much easier to manage and with multiple reviews, your future customers will be that much more likely to choose you over your competition.