Google Map Optimization

Statistics show that when it comes to the use of the Google Search Engine, the app has had a net share of 74.54 percent throughout 2017. Google has become the most sought-after search engine app across the globe, so much so that the use of Google on mobiles has had a 90 percent market share. Daily, the search engine giant has around 3.5 billion users, which amounts to 1.2 trillion annual searches worldwide.
Albeit Google has diversified itself into different useful categories such as Google AdWords, Google Now and Google Maps, the latter is a service widely used for better directions, landmarks and such relevant details.
Given the wide usage and popularity of Google Maps, it is imperative then that businesses would want to feature at the top and stay ahead of their competition. However, in this increasingly competitive world, companies find it truly challenging to rank among the crème de la crème.

How does Google listing help your company?

Large, small and medium-sized enterprises can use Google Maps not only to make their business easier to locate but also for these other amazing benefits:

  • A good Google Maps Marketing strategy enables your company to establish its positioning in the industry.
  • Improves your standing in the local business results listings on Google Maps search results, especially for mobile-based searches, for eg. Thai Restaurants near Me.
  • Increases the visibility of your company – the address, directions to reach the place, landmarks, the facilities available nearby, the areas your company is offering its services to and their geographic radius from your physical store address.
  • Provides a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard where people can readily access all your business information
  • Gives you the chance to let people know if yours is a phone-only company or otherwise – something that is not clearly possible to convey until people actually come up to your store.
  • Makes your company’s overall ranking better with improved chances of making it to the local 3-pack listings.
  • Tracking website performance on a daily basis and letting you monitor the number of website visits and driving/walking direction requests.
  • Engaging with your potential customers and learning more about the demographics you wish to target for your business.
  • Keeping abreast of all that is happening on your website – the trends, comments, suggestions, number of views on each section or blog, et al.
  • Helping you summarize and categorize your business features and the services it provides – all under one roof.
  • Receiving and responding to review notifications and later including them in your Google My Business profile for better business transparency and accountability towards your customers. You can opt to appropriately respond to negative reviews based on Google’s guidelines.
  • An opportunity to know what people are saying about your business
  • Monitoring the business growth and development of competitors in the industry and how these businesses are being received by the customers, a process is popularly known as ‘citations’.
  • Leveraging the power of these citations to identify and comprehend the volume and quality of reviews essential to increasing the ranking potential of your business.
  • Including specific professional photos that help people locate your business. It’s even better if they find the photos appealing, inviting and worth a try, especially in the case of service-based businesses such as a restaurant, café, hotel or as such. More pictures can be added and optimized through Google Maps listing.
  • Enabling better branding, logo visibility, events, promotions and much more through Google Maps Ads on both mobile and PC – a fairly recent update of the Maps feature.

By listing details such as customer reviews/suggestions, location, hours of operations, areas of service and driving/walking directions, your business can count on some strong advertising opportunities and helpful exposure. The 360-degree viewing angles and virtual tours are great bets for giving your customers a valuable online experience when they choose to view pictures of your establishment – prompting them to book a table, make a reservation or register themselves online. The services, facilities, and products of your business are all put up online so nothing is a guessing game anymore!

Why Optimize your Google Maps Local Business Listing?

A fully optimized Google Maps Marketing strategy takes into account the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors without which a business cannot rank well on Google listings and cannot engage its local target audience. Google Maps local SEO helps your business connect and interact with your potential customers by driving them to your company website as soon as they enter specific keywords and/or locations relevant to your business.

Though optimization might take some time and there is no quick-fix formula to improve your business positioning and visibility, but there are certain tried and tested methods to make the most of your Google ranking. Keeping your business profile and performances updated on the search engine listings; engaging with customers on their reviews; monitoring your competitor’s performances and making your company introduction crisp and succinct are some of the many ways to optimize your Google Maps Local Business listing.

At eBusinessMaps, we help businesses leverage these advertising and marketing opportunities to build a better ranking and a unique profile that can add value to the end consumer’s lifestyle. Our comprehensive approach to provide optimization solution for Google Business, Google Maps and Websites has helped us have a proven track record of meeting different business needs and goals. Instead of guessing and hoping that you’ve done it right, our professional services will help your business thrive well online so you can solely focus on meeting your business objectives.

We know what makes Google tick, but more than that we also keep our fingers on the pulse as far as policy, guidelines and algorithm changes are concerned. With us, it’s not just about achieving great results in the short-term, but rather great results that will keep your business website in the best possible shape!